Service and Professionalization

Division Planning

I have served as the panel organizer and division planner for the National Communication Association for several organizations. I served in graduate school as the organizer/planner for the Association for Psychoanalysis in Communication for approximately three years. I currently serve as the organizer/planner for the NCA Forums division, which programs panels of urgent concern for NCA as a whole. For NCA 2019, I strongly recommend the following NCA-F panels:

  • Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019; 8:00 AM – 9:15 AM: “Thank you for bringing the Complaint to the attention of NCA…Goodbye” Does the NCA Annual Convention Anti-Harassment Code of Conduct give attendees a false sense of security? NCA Forums Division, National Communication Association, Baltimore, MD.
  • Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019;  11:00-12:15: “Public-Facing Communication for Survival: The Urgency and Precarity of Citizen Critics,” NCA Forums Division, National Communication Association, Baltimore, MD.

Advice for Graduate Students

I have a number of resources for individuals navigating the transition from graduate student to academic professional. I have gathered these materials for my own needs and archived them for anyone who might find them useful.

The following links offer professional development resources I have either developed myself or received from colleagues for my own use. These include resources for developing writing groups, conference proposals, and journal submissions, sample letters for submitting journal articles, advice for balancing writing time and having a routine of self-care.

Additionally, there are several journal articles I would recommend. Jonathan Sterne’s “The Pedagogy of the Job Market” is a good primer on expectations for scholars embarking on an academic career. James W. Cheseboro’s “How to Get Published” is a traditional read in academic publishing seminars, but should be read with/against Bach, Blair, Nothstine, and Pym’s “How to Read ‘How to Get Published,” which cautions against certain conventions that may work against authors’ best interests.

Accumulated Writing Advice and Other Resources