Atilla Hallsby is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies and Rhetoric at the University of Minnesota, a first-generation United States citizen, and an advocate for the continued transformation of the field inaugurated by the #CommunicationSoWhite movement. His research area is about national and transnational secrecy as modes of rhetorical culture. The topics centered by this focus include American national security, crypto-currencies, transparency in governance, the surveillance of migrants, race, and gender, and science-based conspiracies. Across these topic areas, Atilla seeks to understand how secrets are strategic and unconscious rhetorical forms used to leverage institutional power and structure public memory. He is currently at work on a book manuscript about the rhetorical constitution of America’s secret-obsessed political discourse entitled This Page Left Intentionally Blank. This project is about major public and political secrecy since 2000 and brings critical and cultural rhetorical theory together with these landmark events.

On this site, you may find my curriculum vitae as well as information about research,  teaching, and service/professionalization experience.

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Recent updates:

[1.13.20] Review of Communication (20)1: “Psychoanalysis Against WikiLeaks: Resisting the Demand for Transparency.

[11.11.19] NCA 2019 Presentation: “Lacan in Baltimore: On the Role of Structure in Psychoanalysis

[01.22.19] The Rhetorical Tradition: The Modern Era (WRIT 5776), Syllabus.

[01.14.19] Citizen Critics Chat, “The Propaganda and Persuasion of the Mueller Investigation.

[11.11.18] NCA 2018 Presentation: Prepared Response for “Playing with Fire: African American Rhetoric from Turner to Obama”

[11.11.18] NCA 2018 Presentation: “Public Address, Law, and Psychoanalysis: Theorizing Free Speech in the Digital Public Sphere through Packingham v. North Carolina”

[11.11.18] NCA 2018 Presentation: “The Campus Wars Redux: Free Speech & Academic Freedom”

[10.01.18] Oxford Research Encyclopedia: “Psychoanalytic Methods and Critical Cultural Studies.” [Pre-Publication Draft of Entry]

[05.25.18] RSA 2018 Presentation: “You Live in Public: The Rhetorical Secret and the Vault 7 Leak”

[03.30.18] SSCA 2018 Presentation: “Response to Grano’s The Eternal Present of Sport

[03.27.18] SSCA 2018 Presentation: “‘The Statue is Where It Belongs’: Iconoclasm and the Monumental History of White Supremacy”

[03.26.18] SSCA 2018 Presentation: “The Aggressive Leak Campaigns and Emasculation of Julian Assange”

[02.16.18] Secrecy and Society 1(2): “The Rhetorical Algorithm: WikiLeaks and the Elliptical Secrets of Donald J. Trump”

[01.08.18] Climate Change Communication Spring 2018 Lecture Notes

[12.30.17] Climate Change Communication Spring 2018 Syllabus

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