The Rhetoric UnTextbook

This open-access resource for college-level rhetorical theory classes includes chapters on the ancient history of rhetoric, the twentieth-century invention of the symbol and the sign, an overview of ideology, narrative, argumentation, visual rhetoric and the rhetorical situation, and coverage of topics like settler colonialism, secrecy/surveillance, and digital rhetoric. The resource includes an agenda for synchronous online teaching and 3 recommended “short paper” written assignments.

The UnTextbook has new course pages forthcoming, including a course page for “The Rhetoric of Secrecy and Surveillance” (to be completed by May 2022) and my “Graduate Survey of Rhetorical Theory” (to be completed by December 2022). Additionally, the main chapters of the Rhetorical Theory UnTextbook will be re-released as an open-access Pressbook with the University of Minnesota Libraries in Spring 2022.

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